Early Childhood Teacher Academy

Click to see a picture of academy students in their academy gear going to internship.Click to see the art activity academy students did with elementary students at Benoist Farms Elementary.Click to see the Freshman Showcase Recruitment table and the academy student presenting.Click to see the academy teacher and students preparing the portfolios for the National CDA.Click to see inside of the FFEA meeting--Students Chilling Out.Click here to see Mrs. Morris' happy face and comments about the Early Childhood club and students.Click to see the Early Childhood students and teacher in their professional academy attire.Click to see the academy bulletin board filled with excellent student work.

A Snapshot before Internship

Artwork at Benoist

Recruiting PBL Freshmen

Working on the portfolio submissions for the National CDA.

Chilling in FFEA Meeting

Mrs. Morris--A happy teacher

Professional Dress Day

Student Brag Board

Early Childhood Teacher Academy

Our Early Childhood Academy is designed to prepare students for a career in a preschool or daycare center as a child care worker, child care teacher aide, preschool teacher, or childcare director or administrator. It will introduce students to other careers working with children such as a speech pathologist, social worker, recreation specialist, or child psychologist. Students may also qualify for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program. Student have the opportunity to earn a National CDA credential. The real nugget is that these graduates sign contracts for priority hiring with our school district.

Program Requirements
Students interested in this academy must achieve and maintain a 2.5 Grade Point Average.

Academy Curriculum
Grade 9 -- Early Childhood 1
Grade 10 -- Early Childhood 2
Grade 11 -- Early Childhood 3
Grade 12 -- Early Childhood 4 OR Teacher Assisting 4
                   Family & Consumer Science OR Executive Internship

Academy Gems
Partnership with Junior Achievement
Internships with Local Elementary Schools and Headstarts
Local & National Industry Certification Credentials
Future Florida Educators of America (Career and Technical Student Organization)