Fire Academy

Click to see Class One cadets sitting in their PBSC classroom.Click to see the Class One cadets in the uniform standing at attention in the station bay area at PBSC.Clilck to see cadets learning how to raise the ladder against the building.Click to see a cadet stepping up into the fire apparatus for a ride-along.Click to see cadets learning to use the water hose properly.Click to see students practicing rope skills.Click to see academy students listening and waiting to receive their daily task and instruction in class.Click here to see a display of teamwork on the part of the instructor and cadets (raising a ladder).

Class is in session

Class One in the Bay at PBSC

Ladder up!

Let's ride!

Learning to maneuver the hose

Practice makes perfect!

Taking it all in!


Fire Academy at PBL (In-House Academy)
This thrilling academy is only for students who are zoned to attend Palm Beach Lakes. The Fire Academy is a four-year program that prepares students (known as Carats or Cadets) to enter into a post graduate fire academy at Palm Beach State College for a semester. If the Cadets qualify after that time, they will be among the district's youngest firefighters. In the program at Lakes, students learn fire behavior, first responder skills, personal protective equipment guidelines, rescue procedures, and so much more. The Fire Science Academy is a structured "attention on deck" environment with students earning leadership positions as company officers. Those in the academy are concurrently enrolled in Medical Academy classes, making it possible for them to complete in both academies if they meet the GPA requirements of both programs. 
Students interested in the Fire Academy need to have at least a 2.5 Grade Point Average. 
Grade 9--Health Science Anatomy & Physiology (Honors Course)
Grade 10--Fire Fighter 1 
Grade 11--Fire Fighter 2 & Emergency Medical Responder (Honors Course)
Grade 12--Fire Fighter 3 (Taken at PBSC)
Partnership with PBSC
Partnership with WPBFR and PBCFR
Community Service leading to graduation and scholarship money