Athletic Packet

You will need the items listed below before you may participate in Palm Beach Lakes Athletics. Athletes WILL NOT be cleared to play in a game until the ENTIRE Athletic Packet is completed and all of the insurance and fair share dues are paid in full. All fees are to be paid through SchoolCashOnline.

  1. Athletic forms
    Please visit the District's Athletics page for all forms.
    Go to the High School section on the page for the forms.
    Complete the forms online, print them, and bring them to the school. (Please note: Some forms require notarization.)

  2. Training Certificates
    Go to, complete the online training (Concussion in sports, heat illness and sudden cardiac arrest), and print the certificates. The certificates must be included with the completed forms.

  3. Insurance
    $75 (non-negotiable) - You may pay a $10 try-out fee, but the remaining balance must be paid ASAP if you make the team.

  4. Fair Share
    This is determined by sport.