Marine Corps JROTC

Click to see the two JROTC instructors in uniform, setting a good example for cadets.Click to see three JROTC cadets working together in uniform on Magnet Monday.Click to see two cadets performing pushups.Click to see the JROTC cadets lifting weight for PT.Click to see a student and commanding officer take the lead by facilitating a note taking session.Click to see the instructor and a student picking up trash on campus as part of a community service project.Click to see an instructor and some cadets take the lead in picking up garbage on campus.Click to see two MCJROTC cadets clad in their formal blues, standing at attention!

The MCJROTC instructors set the perfect example!

All about business in MCJROTC on Magnet Monday

PT is a MUST in the JROTC!

PT is real serious business!

CO Tran taking the lead in class!

Service to our school!

We help keep Lakes clean!

MCJROTC at Lakes--Simply the Best!


The Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers' Training (JROTC) Training Corps program mission is to instill in high school students (Cadets) the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment. One of the main skills students walk away with is LEADERSHIP! The leadership skills they acquire as a result of the academy help to build cadets' overall confidence in themselves. With that, they are certain to be successful in the future. There is no obligation to join any branch of the military moving forward. The program enhances the lives of cadets and make them prepared, organized, and responsibility--necessary tools for all walks of life. 

While there is no GPA requirement for the MCJROTC at Lakes, prospective cadets should be enrolled in high school (working towards a high school diploma), have a sense of citizenship and respect for others, and be physically fit to participate.  

Grade 9--MC Lead 1
Grade 10--MC Lead 2
Grade 11--MC Lead 3
Grade 12--MC Lead 4

Academic Team
Drill Team
Color Guard
Marksmanship Team
Raider (PT) Squad
Partnership with Special Olympics