Open House 2018 at PBL

Open House 2018 at PBL
Posted on 08/31/2018
Open House 2018

Open House 2018 at PBL takes place on Thursday, September 6 at 6:30 pm! Parents, this is a great opportunity to learn about the faculty and staff as well as about your child’s class expectations. Coach and Athletic Director, Micah Mays, will be selling Ram Gear and REFRESHMENTS in the Rams Tuck Shop, so please bring some cash with you.  There is so much more for everyone who attends—Don’t miss it:

1—The School Advisory Council is having its first meeting of the year at 5 pm (prior to Open House). If you are dedicated to making a difference at PBL, this group is for you! Anyone interested in becoming a member of this decision-making body is encouraged to attend the first meeting in the Media Center.

2—Brand new to Lakes this year is the Parent/Teacher/Student Association (PTSA).  This organization’s purpose is to support the school and faculty via fundraisers and other spirit-building activities.  It will be the backbone that enhances the experience of every child at PBL.  If you are fun, creative, and wish to spread cheer all around, please take a moment to visit the Media Center some time during Open House to find out more about the Rams PTSA.

3—Volunteers are important at PBL! They are the real MVPs of Lakes. At Open House, we will be looking for the 2018-2019 pool of volunteers.  The iPledge 5 campaign will be taking place in the Media Center all throughout Open House. Not everyone can serve on SAC or PTSA, but surely everyone can pledge to volunteer 5 hours for the whole year in some capacity—concession stand, sports events, field trips, special school events, etc.  Remember, home (PBL) is where the heart (your child) is, so let’s all be dedicated to taking care of our home and our heart.

4—Equally important are the PBL Business Partners, our true partners in education! These generous businesses help us do many of the things that our allocated budgets and resources won’t accommodate.  Partners come in many forms (mentors, tutors, financial donors, service providers, etc.). If you or someone you know has a business or works at a business that would like to partner with PBL, please stop by the Media Center during Open House to pick up a business partnership form.

The PBL Ram-i-ly is bursting with excitement and can’t wait to see you! We have cleared our schedules to spend the evening with you; hopefully, you have cleared your schedule for us—see you at Open House 2018!