Click to see the great gardening activity in Biotech Club meeting.Click to see Biotech student watering his seeds.Click to see students showing off their lab coats.Students in Biotech Club meeting sitting and posing for a pictureBiotech student experimenting with dry ice during Biotech Week.A Biotech student making a lava lamp during Biotech WeekSeniors having color fun during Biotech WeekSeniors holding up bottles of colored water used in their lunch time activity

Gardening Activity

Nurturing life (planting and gardening)

Lab coats are essential for labs.

First Biotech Club Meeting

Biotech Week Dry Ice Fun

Biotech Week Lava Lamp Fun

Biotech Week with Seniors

Biotech Week Senior Fun

Biotechnology Academy at PBL
Students will learn how research using biotechnology is applied to present-day medical, agricultural, forensic science and environmental research. The program will also enable students to continue on to higher education and learn advanced skills in the field of science- based industries. Students will be provided with unique opportunities to work in our new state of the art facility, conduct research in an on-site hydroponics greenhouse, and interact with industry leaders.  Students can also be certified as Biotechnician Lab Assistants at the end of their coursework.


Program Requirements
Students interested in this academy must achieve and maintain a 3.0 Grade Point Average.

Grade 9   -- Biotechnology 1
Grade 10 -- Biotechnology 2
Grade 11 -- Biotechnology 3
Grade 12 -- Research 3

Academy Gems
All Honors Courses
Hydroponics Garden
Club Biotech
Partnership with PBSC
Partnership with University of Florida
Partnership with Florida Atlantic University (Orchid Project)
BACE Industry Certification
National Technical Honor Society